Demo Video of 1-Cash Deposit Safe – The Efficient Cash Office

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This video shows you the speed and simple operation of 1-Cash Deposit Safe. The video is around 6 minutes long and it shows in one single take all 1-Cash procedures:

  • 1-Cash Demo Video Screenshotthe simple mounting of the security bag inside
  • the extremely speedy note input
  • the deposit of almost 3000 banknotes
  • the superfast internal heat sealing of the bag
  • the nice stacking quality of the banknotes

If you are interested in the video, please click on the screenshot and send us a message.



1-Cash Deposit Safe makes your cash office more efficient:

  • up to 50% cost saving

  • lower labour cost

  • lower consumables cost

  • less CIT effort

  • higher security

  • happier staff 🙂

Order your free video here and see, how 1-Cash Deposit Safe will improve your cash office operation.