Cash Handling Benefit No. 1 with 1-Cash Deposit Safe: Safes Time and Money in your Back Office.

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1-Cash safes money, because it is extremely fast.

The end of day procedure in supermarkets today takes too much time. Counting of the till drawer with traditional banknote counters takes at least 5 minutes per POS. Provided, there are no problems or differences. If so, it takes up to 15 minutes. Even operations, who use scales in their back offices are facing similar challenges. Maybe the end-of-day process is slightly faster, if everything is fine, but in case of a discrepancy, it takes even longer, as the money has then to be counted manually.

End-of-day balance with more than 500 banknotes in less than 1 minute

With 1-Cash Deposit Safe, the end-of-day process takes less than one minute. Period. And it is correct. Back office cash handling will be faster an much more efficient with 1-Cash Deposit Safe.

A store with 5 POS and 3 shift per days safes at least 1 hour. Every day. 6 hours per week. 25 hours per month. 300 hours every year.

1-Cash Deposit Safe is the fastest deposit safe on the market with up to 800 notes input per minute.  It allows continuous feeding without any stop.

In our full video you can learn about the complete end of day balance of a POS, including

  • cashier login
  • input of more than 500 banknotes, what is far more than usual
  • print of the successful confirmation with total amount and denomination split

The complete cash handling process takes less than 1 minute with 1-Cash Deposit Safe.

Please order our free video about the efficient cash office here.