Cash Handling Benefit No. 2 with 1-Cash Deposit Safe: Banknote Stacking.

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Counting of banknotes in a cash center costs some money, of course. Ideally the banknotes are stacked in such a condition, that they can be put in a banknote sorter immediately.

Usual deposit safes with high capacity security bags are not too bad during the note input process. They can hold 3.000 banknotes and more. Sometimes up to 10.000 banknotes. Cash center workers love it, because they love banknotes. When they open such a money bag, they can spend up to 30 minutes or more, to put the banknotes in a machine ready condition. The time will be charged to the creator of the mess, what is the owner of the back office. 30 minutes per day, 3 hours per week, 150 hours per year. This equals almost one month of working time.

1-Cash Deposit Safe saves 30 minutes per bag.

With 1-Cash Deposit Safe, this unnecessary cost driver is over. 1-Cash Deposit Safe can stack up to 4.000 banknotes in the safe bag in such a condition, that they can be processed without any additional preparation. The notes from the safe bag can just be put on a banknote counter or sorter. Period. This safes up to 1 month of unnecessary labour cost per deposit safe per year.