Cash Handling Benefit No. 3 with 1-Cash Deposit Safe: EN 1143-1 Certified.

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Storing money in a cabinet requires proper insurance. European insurance conditions usually require safes, which are certified according to European standards. Regardless the resistance grade (usually called CEN I, II, III, IV etc), the important certificate for the insurance is named EN 1143-1 for cash machines.

In below table you can find the recommended insurance values. Where it is important, that there is no insurance without EN 1143-1 certificate.

Resistance grade ECB-S certificate Recommended value in ‘000 €
Without With
approved burglary alarm system
UL 291 not a European standard
L EN  1143-1 10 20
I EN  1143-1 20 40
II EN  1143-1 50 100
III EN  1143-1 100 200
IV EN  1143-1 150 300
V EN  1143-1 250 500

1-Cash Deposit safe will be available with EN 1143-1 certificate in two grades: CEN-L and CEN-III.