Cash Handling Benefit No. 4 with 1-Cash Deposit Safe: Lower Cost for Consumables.

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Today a shop needs many safe bags. Imagine, there is a shop with 5 POS and 3 shifts per day. Each of them will put the banknotes in a small plastic bag. 15 bags per day, 90 bags per week, over 4.000 bags per year.

1-Cash Banknote Pouch. Foto © Double Power Europe
1-Cash Banknote Pouch. Foto © Double Power Europe

The cost will be 500 € to 1.000 € per year. (Depending on your negotiation skills). Each of these safe bags will contain between 100 and 200 banknotes, say 150 in average. Makes up to 2500 banknotes her day and more.

One pouch of the 1-Cash Deposit Safe holds up to 4.000 properly stacked banknotes. So with 1-Cash you need less than 300 plastic bags per year. Although such a big pouch costs more than a small one, but you will save again around 50% of your cost, probably more. (negotiation skills, see above).

1-Cash Deposit Safe reduces your back office cost significantly in all aspects of operation.


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